The Perennial Bloom Award is given to a long-time member who, like faithful perennials in our gardens, has made our Club grow and bloom with their continuous support of our goals and objectives. Two members of the Shaler Garden Club were honored on October 19, 2018 in grateful appreciation of their many years of service in the Club. 

Joan Griffith has been a member of the Shaler Garden Club since 1976.  She served as President of the Club from 1990 to 1991. She carries with her a living history of Shaler Garden Club, its members and the community. Her knowledge of parliamentary procedure has been a valuable asset.    She has also been a member of the Ingomar Garden Club since 1998.  Her enthusiasm, love of gardening and her dedication to her Garden Clubs has been an inspiration to generations of members.

Shelley Nilson joined the Shaler Garden Club in 1986.  She has served in many offices in the Club.  She was Club President 1995-97 and again served as a co-President 2008-2009.  She also was chairman of numerous committees.  Shelley is a Penn State Master Gardener and has shared her extensive knowledge with her Club and the community.  She can always be relied upon to help identify unlabeled plants when they are donated by members for the annual plant sale.  It was time to recognize Shelley for her service, hard work, creativity, horticultural expertise and the many contributions she has made since she joined the Club.